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Custard Cones
Vanilla - Chocolate - Twist
Flavor of the Week

Sizes: Kiddie   Small   Medium   Large
Quarts also Available

Sprinkles - Rainbow/Chocolate/Crunch Cote 
Dip Top - Chocolate/Cherry/Blue Raspberry
Waffle Cones/Waffle Bowls

Italian Ice
Flavor of the Week
Sizes: Kiddie   Small   Medium
Quarts also Available

Hot Fudge ♦ Caramel ♦ Chocolate 
Peanut Butter ♦ Cherry ♦ Butterscotch 
Marshmallow ♦ Strawberry ♦ Pineapple
Maple Walnut ♦ Black Raspberry

Also Available Whipped Topping/Nuts/Pecans 
Sizes: Small   Medium   Large

Italian Turtle
Custard & Italian Ice Twisted Together!
Sizes: Kiddie   Small   Medium
Strawberry Banana ♦ Cappuccino ♦ Mango
 Pina Colado ♦ Margarita ♦ Any Slush Flavor ♦ Any Fruit 


Root Beer ♦ Cola ♦ Orange

Cherry ♦ Blue Raspberry ♦ Grape ♦ Orange Lemon-Lime
Sour Green Apple ♦ Bubble Gum ♦ Watermelon ♦  
Lemon ♦ Peach ♦ Pina Colada ♦  Pomegranate
Sizes: Small   Medium

Turtle Sundae & Banana Splits
Specialty Sundaes & Parfaits
Turtle Pond ♦ Brownie-Bit ♦ Waffle Cone/Bowl
Peanut Butter Cup Parfait ♦ Fruit Parfait

M&Ms ♦ Reese’s Pieces ♦ Heath Bar
Cookies’n Cream ♦ Snickers ♦ Cookie Dough 
Cake Batter ♦ Brownie Bits ♦ Peanut Butter Cup
Caramel Turtles
Sizes: Small   Medium

Turtle Tail
Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana 

Ice Cream Sandwich

Soft Pretzel - plain

Cheese Filled Pretzel 

Pizza Pretzel

Nachos and Cheese

Ice Cream (Custard) Pies